Cardiology Board Review 2nd Edition / by Ramdas G. Pai, Padmini Varadarajan

"Multiple choice question-and-answer book for cardiologists at all levels, now updated to include 100 new questions covering additional topics Cardiology Board Review, Second Edition is a multiple-choice question-and-answer study aid that is written for the primary purpose of helping candidates prepare for the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) subspecialty certification. The questions address all areas of cardiology, some of which include: physical examination, ECG section with high resolution images, non-invasive and invasive imaging, myocardial diseases, and more. Each of the 1,400 questions is followed by four answers to choose from and the discussions address not only the rationale behind picking the right choice, but also fills in information around the topic so that important key concepts are clearly laid out. Thishelps candidates to prepare for the test, while also developing a clear understanding of various aspects of cardiology, including diagnosis and management"

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Pai, Ramdas G. - Nama Orang
Padmini Varadarajan - Nama Orang

No. Panggil
WG 18.2 P1421 2023
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons Ltd.,
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683 halaman ; ilustrasi
WG 18.2
Second edition
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File Digital (PDF)
Ebooks240218WG 18.2 P1421 2023Perpustakaan FKUITersedia
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