Management of Bilateral Microtia


Bilateral microtia often presents more complex craniofacial syndromes. Operative intervention on patients must be considered the surgery process and the function and aesthetic result.
Bilateral microtia accounts for approximately 10 % of microtia cases 1,2 In plastic reconstructive, surgery of bilateral microtia is not unlike unilateral ear deformity . Soft tissue,
skin flap, temporal flap and framework fabrication tailored on each side which are all need more time consuming for the surgeon and anaesthesia and increase the patient’s morbidity.
Traditional surgical approach remains to address each side independently in every operative step . Moreover, carrying out a stage of the reconstruction on one ear in each surgical sitting
implies a protracted course of treatment, requiring a minimum of 1 ½ to 2 years to complete the surgery in Nagata technique include atresiaplasty and hearing function. This potentially
represents an increased burden in time lost from school and sports for the child and work for the parents.

Since the inception of autologous reconstruction for microtia by Tanzer in 1959 2 Numerous refinements both technique and construct have been proposed and developed. Cases of
bilateral autologous reconstruction, each side is addressed independently in staged fashion, necessitating an extended course of treatment. The efficacy of performing each stage of
bilateral microtia reconstruction in simultaneous fashion. First in Nagata technique, the harvesting rib cartilage taken from 6-9 th rib and divided into 2 and carving for 2 ear
framework. The advantage of this technique only once incision and take rib cartilage and doing the reconstruction of secondary rib defect.

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