Evaluasi Antropometri dari Teknik Gentur pada Operasi Sumbing Bibir Satu Sisi.

Background: Cheiloplasty is the earliest surgical procedure in cleft lip and palate patient. This procedure has impact on functional and aesthetical appearance . The Gentur’s technique is method of cleft lip surgery that has been developed by him and has been used in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital/Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia. It uses the rotation-advancement, small triangular, preventing notching with some other details to overcome the wide cleft. Thus gives us hypothesis, does the Gentur’s technique give symmetrical result in anthropometric measurement. Methods: cross sectional analytic study will be taken from medical record in 14 unilateral cleft lip patients undergo cheiloplasty procedure. Direct anthropometric data before and after procedure is analyzed using SPSS17. Datas were classified in cupid’s bow, vertical height, horizontal height, vermillion and nostril. Result: From 14 patients, we found that most patient whose undergone surgery in 3 month (64.3%) are mostly female (64,3%), complete defect (85,8%) and in left side (57,1%). This technique is able to produce significant lip and nose symmetry (CI 95%, pvalue

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Image of Evaluasi Antropometri dari Teknik Gentur pada Operasi Sumbing Bibir Satu Sisi.

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